Does my child have to share the material (robot) with other students?

No. Every child will be given an individual set of material(robot) for each lesson.

Can my child attend a lesson before I decide to sign up for the course?

Yes. Your child can attend our trial lesson.

My child has no experience with robotics; will he/she be able to manage it?

The course is designed to follow the child's learning pace. The pace will increase or decrease accordingly.

Do I need to purchase the robot set before taking up the course?

No. All materials (robot and computers) will be provided. Students are recommended to bring a thumb drive to save the programs they have completed. However, you can purchase the EV3 set at a discounted rate with us.

My child is unable to make it for the lesson this week; can he/she make up for the lesson next week?

Yes. But you have to inform the school at least a day in advance.


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